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Lie Detection

A Polygraph test is commonly referred to as a Lie Detector Test, which is administered to check for deceptive physiological responses, when a person is answering questions while connected to polygraph hardware and software like the Lafayette LX4000. Polygraphs are not the only method of lie detection as methods of lie detection range from observing body language, micro expressions, oral and wording scrutiny and voice stress analyzing, however, polygraph is the most widely used with about 70,000 people being polygraph tested every year by the US Government (www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polygraph). According to the scientific journal titled “Polygraph”, this type of lie detection test is the only modality that incorporates evidence based methods involving psycho-physiology.

What do polygraph machines measure?

A polygraph machine or instrument as it is called in the industry, records several graphical tracings of physiological responses such as variations in breathing, galvanic skin response and blood pressure. Responses to pre reviewed questions that trigger changes in a person’s sympathetic nervous system are then contrasted to responses to other diagnostic questions, such as ” Before 2008, did you ever tell a lie besides what you told me about?” The method of polygraph testing used by this firm is similar to that used in the United States and is termed psycho-physiological detection of deception. Voice stress analysis is another type of lie detector test, however proponents of polygraph such as this firm, are of the opinion that they are not as accurate as a polygraph. Lie detector testing is often portrayed in television shows, where a multitude of questions are asked for entertainment purposes, however an authentic polygraph test is very different, as it focuses on a single issue.


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These Private Investigator Professionals are the premier boutique private investigation agency in Australia. They have over 18 years experience in Private Investigation Services and have multifaceted skills, ranging from locating debtors locally to international personal and corporate surveillance. With advanced Investigation skills from prior Australian Federal Government experience, they are extremely adept at bug detection, location of assets, pre marriage background checks and discovering the true nature of the lifestyles of any person of interest, worldwide. These investigation services empower the clients of this firm to make informed decisions, rather than remaining ignorant of deceptive activity by people they assumed to be trustworthy. This makes the services of these Private Investigator Professionals a cost effective choice for local and international clients.